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The climatic conditions normally experienced in Brooklyn provide suitable conditions for pests to thrive. There are several species of pests that have settled in Brooklyn, and they include a range of different species of ants, the springtail, boxelder bug, termites, spiders, Kudzu bugs and rodents. Residents of Brooklyn have had to learn to live with pests in their homes. Pests can cause a lot of harm in the home, but unfortunately not all the residents seem to understand this. Hiring pest control professionals in Brooklyn, or NYC in general, is a relatively new phenomenon and home owners are slowly embracing the use of pest control service providers.

Home owners who understand the importance of pest control in Brooklyn seem to take full advantage of the service. The immense benefits of using pest control service providers are enjoyed by home owners who utilize these services regularly. Pest control professionals provide their clients with solutions tailored for their needs. Some of the services offered by these professionals are: new constructions pre-treatment, perimeter treatment, infestation inspection, monitoring of termites and sanitization services. The range of services is wide enough to deal with any kind of pests within Brooklyn.

The Best Brooklyn Pest Control for your home

New home owners can control the infestation of pests into their homes by having the new homes treated while under construction. Professionals in Brooklyn can easily perform this for the new home owners. Pest control professionals are able to spot the hot spots where pest infestations can occur and treat them in advance. Professionals have an eye for detail and they will spot areas where inexperienced individuals would miss. Working with a professional pest control service provider ensures that all the necessary steps to eliminate the pests are implemented. Highly potent chemicals can be used by the professionals in an endeavor to clear all the pests.

If the home owner is willing to hire professional help, the home owner is well-protected against any risks which correspond with pest extermination. Dealing with some particular pests poses a high risk to the exterminator. For example, mice pose as a threat to the exterminator, and home owners should not expose themselves to this unnecessary risk. Professional pest control service providers in Brooklyn understand the risks and the methods they can use to deal with the pests safely. Scheduled treatments performed by a professional can save the home owners time and effort so that they can enjoy a peace of mind.

house2fadedOur Control Methods

We use a combination of traditional and cutting edge methods to handle your pest problems.  We are very experienced with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and offer a wide range of green pest control options.  Flash Exterminating is licensed and insured. Both management and service personnel are knowledgeable and informed about the latest pest control techniques. Our staff regularly attends continuing education courses in order to provide outstanding service and remain a leader in pest control management.

We use a vast array of equipment and licensure through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for Nuisance and Wildlife Control Operations, Structural, Rodents, Fumigation and Termites our certified technicians;

  • Consult with you for a first hand report on pest activity and activity levels.
  • Professionally Survey the area to uncover possible pest entry, exit and harborage areas that factually act as a source for infestation.
  • Utilize  a skilled, innovative approach in pest management.
  • Consult with the customer to ensure a job well done

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