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b2ap3_thumbnail_Bat.jpgToday, Friday, April 17 is Bat Appreciation Day 2015.


Bats are one of the most beneficial animals to humans. They provide important economic and ecological benefits from eating the bothersome pests like mosquitoes, to devouring the insects that also destroy our agricultural and forest land. 


Bats save us millions of dollars in damage each year and play essential roles in keeping populations of night-flying insects in check. Just one bat can eat up to 3,000 insects in a short period of time, and large colonies catch tons of insects nightly. 


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b2ap3_thumbnail_squirelling-nuts.jpgWhile investigating holes in your roof it is important to remember that If you see a dark spot and you shine a light on it and "it remains dark" it is a hole that squirrels possibly can use as an entry point into your home. A good form of prevention is to cut branches back 10'  from the roof.

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Once weather permits, below is some important information for business owners.


·  Snow and ice must be removed within 4 hours after the snow has stopped falling or by 11 a.m. if the snow has not stopped falling after 9 p.m. the previous evening.

·  Snow must NOT be thrown into the street.

·  If the snow or ice becomes frozen so hard that it cannot be removed, the sidewalk can be strewn with ashes, sand, sawdust, or similar suitable material within the same time limits.

·  The sidewalk must be thoroughly cleaned as soon as the weather permits.


·  If there are high winds, please take in all loose standing objects that may become dislodged and harm pedestrians. 

·  All ground level commercial/business owners should clear the snow/ice from their awnings as soon as the weather permits to prevent structural collapse. If you have a retractable awning or shade, please close these devices. 


·  One-story commercial property owners/lessees should clear the snow/ice from their rooftops as soon as the weather permits to prevent possible collapse (a professional should perform this task). 

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Bedbug---5.jpgThe first question is who brought the bed bugs in and this is always hard to prove.

Most complaints are:

1.Torts - Which is negligence in where a tenant seeks, personal injury, property damage,  pain and suffering, doctors bills, loss of wages, 
2. Landlord tenant court where it had been founded that bedbugs breach the " Implied Warranty of Hability",  that says a tenants place isn't suitable to live in and they're seeking the owner to reduce the rest, not pay rent, and to hire a qualified pest control operator to abate.

Bed bugs, unlike the presence of mice and cock roaches that is not necessarily a breach of the implied warranty if habitability, which relieves the tenant of their obligation to pay rent, bed bugs on the other hand will relieve the tenant of their obligation to pay rent in there is no tenant relief.

Defending bed bug lawsuits.

  • In the Ludlow properties case,  a landlord is responsible for eradicating the problem legally and in terms of best practices. Personal risk involved in neglecting this issue is having the need bugs spread to different units. 
  • Tort Law says landlord should "act reasonably". When a landlord is notified of a bedbug issue they should take steps to immediately eradicate the problem. That includes hiring a qualified pest control company to eradicate the bugs. and inspect. 

If you are faced with a bed bug issue of any magnitude arm yourself with a knowledgeable pest professional to assist you in remediation.

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Flash Exterminating attended the 2014 New York Pest Expo sponsored by Andy Linares of Bug Off at the NYC Amory. 


Here we are with TRAMAX who offers a pest control professional kit that detects for accurate moisture and humidity conditions that termites find ideal.


Our friends over at Wildlife Control Supplies whom we've come to appreciate over the years for prompt service and top notch equipment were in attendance introducing their latest lines for professionals.

Also on hand were the Sygenta professional pest management team whose colleague and industry leader,  Dr. Austin Frishman, gives tips and insights through his must read portal on their website called " Docs Dialogue ". If you are in the pest management field you really should check this out. 

Overall it was a very productive day. We earned continuing education credits as well as took in some excellent lectures from the events guest speakers. We look forward to going again next year.


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What you should do when you're property is inspected by a public health sanitarian and is found to be in rodent violation:

1. Inspect and identify droppings, active rat runs and evidence of gnawing, tracks or burrow.
2. Sweep droppings and wash away rub marks.
3. Site garbage in hard plastic or metal containers with a tight fitting lid. Place garbage on street 1 hour before pickup.
4. Remove clutter and debris. Repair holes and cracks that serve as pest entry points.
5. Talk to neighbors to coordinate clean up efforts and share in the hiring of a licensed pest management professional to have a bigger impact.

We hope you will choose to call Flash Exterminating at 888.752.0584 for a free quote on rodent control services.

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Below are images of a Raccoon's in attic project on long island in which they gained entry through the gaping hole on the roof and used the area for harborage and as a latrine. Raccoons are high category rabies carriers whose feces contains roundworm and Leptospirosis. Risk for exposure is increased from improper cleaning techniques. Call Flash Exterminating for help with a raccoon problem.
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Flash Exterminating owner James Swint provided his knowledge to a survey sponsored by Pest Control Technology (PCT). The survey centered on what the biggest areas of concern where for bed bug outbreaks, which James labeled as Multi-dwelling units/Apartment Buildings, Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Schools/Day Cares. 

James also provided information on how he educates his employees, building managers and tenants on bed bug biology and products that can be used to stop infestations and how they work. 

The study looks to help develop better bed bug management strategies, which will help Flash and other providers become even more efficient at providing bed bug treatments. 

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The Terrifying Truth About Termites – An infographic by the team at BobVila.com

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Residential Pest Control for Cigarette Beetles & Indian Meal Moths

We've found an excellent product for the Residential control of Cigarette beetle and Indian meal moths. It is called the Invict Multi Insect Lure. It contains a premier attracting agent that lures the insects into the traps. Same great treatments of Inspection and discarding of infested food stuff, clean and vacuum, use of pheromone traps, use of insecticide aerosols, same great price.

$150 initial service

$60 follow up service.

Call at the first sign of these pests for service in a...Flash


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b2ap3_thumbnail_Flea.jpgIf you are a homeowner in the Staten Island, Richmond County, you need an Exterminator who knows the best solutions when it comes to keeping fleas out of your house. Here at Flash, we consult with board certified entomologist on best treatment options available for fleas and other pests, including roaches. Give us a call at 888-752-0584 so we can consult you on how to handle a flea problem for your dogs, cats and home.

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Animal Removal


Unfortunately sometimes you may come across the dead carcass of an animal. Be it the every day squirrel, raccoon, possum. Or something more complex such as a fox or deer. Flash Exterminating will handle their removal in accordance with best safety practices of potentially hazardous material. Give us a call for a phone consultation to determine what should be the best course of action for you. 888.752.0584

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A Mosquito Borne illness that has its traces in the Caribbean has shown itself now in the USA.

Cases have been reported as far up the eastern seaboard as North Carolina and it's spread grew from a recorded 100,000 cases on June 2nd to 135,000 as of today June 13th.

Symptoms begin approximately three days after exposure and include the sudden onset of fever and debilitating joint pain.

Call Flash Exterminating 888.752.0584 for more information on this phenomenon or visit us on Facebook.

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Stink bugs find their way into our homes through cracks and crevices outside of our homes when temperatures start to drop. Once inside they overwinter. When Spring arrives they emerge and, in an effort to go back outside, sometimes find their way into our sanctuaries. 

Spray and seal cracks around outside to prevent entry. Application focus should be on the south and west sides of the house as they are tend to be found there most often to bask in the suns rays.

Vacuuming is recommended inside daily for 2 weeks. 

Stink bugs feed on plants and breed in logs and leaf litter. 

Call Flash Exterminating for a dynamic consultation on stink bug control.


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Consistently training is one way the staff at Flash Exterminating stays abreast of our industries latest products and technologies. This one day workshop hosted by Bird Barrier in their Secaucus NJ headquarters proved itself to be informative and confidence boosting. We cannot wait to tackle our next bird job.


Mr. Syed Lais of Flash Exterminating has been trained in the sales aspect of Integrated Bird Control.

For your bird control needs call Flash Exterminating.

Flash Exterminating 888.752.0584

Expert Controllers of Nesting and Roosting Pigeons and Sparrows.


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Experts say this is the beginning of a very active Tick season so Flash Exterminating is lending advise to our friends in the most prone places for exposure. This includes Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties.

Our dogs and cats are prime targets as they run through grassy knolls so starting in February or March start applying Tick repellent and apply regularly until snow falls. For yourself, good advise is to wear long sleeves and pants if your walking through wooded areas.

Give your pet a good once over before they enter the house, this warmer, damp weather is exactly what Ticks like.

If you encounter a Tick problem, call us and let the professionals at Flash Exterminating give you a consultation on steps for remediation

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Brooklyn, New YorkFlash Exterminating has successfully met standards above and beyond state and federal regulations to become nationally recognized as a leader in the pest management industry.

Only 3% of pest control businesses in the U.S. are QualityPro certified.

QualityPro is an elite group of pest management businesses selected for their dedication to higher standards of service by the National Pest Management Association.

Flash Exterminating is fully certified in: technician training, environmental stewardship, customer relations and business operations.

“We are extremely honored to welcome Flash Exterminating as our newest member in QualityPro. As a new member Flash Exterminating is dedicated to raising the standards of the industry.”

-Andrew Architect, Executive Director, QualtyPro


Flash Exterminating for Service in a …Flash!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Ants-with-crumb_20140414-124938_1.jpgWe've been getting a few call for ants so it seems like the season is among us. Some things you can do to assist your pest professional in taming this insect...

  • 1. Ants forage for food. Keep perishables properly stored and crumbs off counters, tables and floors.
  • 2. Exclude ants from getting inside by sealing cracks and other entry points.
  • 3. Ants are attracted to moisture, so make sure to keep areas around your house dry.

Flash exterminating are ant control experts. We have extensive experience in dealing with ant problems. Call us at 888-752-0584 for crack and crevice, spot, and bait applications designed for your particular ant invasion.

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The World Health Organization (WHO), has launched a campaign, "Small Bite, Big Threat", that warns if the dangers caused by mosquito bites.

Tips on how to protect yourself against these disease causing organisms that contribute to one million deaths and two billion infections globally each year include:

  • Using insect repellent, especially mosquito repellent
  • Bed nets treated with insecticide
  • Vaccination
  • Installation of window screens
  • Wearing light colored long sleeve shirts and trousers.

Call Flash Exterminating at 888-752-0584 to design a program to keep your property mosquito free.

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Flash Exterminating, Brooklyn NY, April 7th, 2014 – Flea control can be challenging for pet owners, so relying on the insight and experience of Pest Management Professionals to recommend best-practice strategies and product solutions is important for complete flea control. The experts at Flash Exterminating, as part of our customer education, are providing tips to commercial and residential accounts to help them understand the issues surrounding fleas and what control measures can be taken to avoid or address infestations.

Fleas can be harmful to pets, causing scratching and fur loss, tapeworm, bites that lead to anemia and even trips to the vet. And while fleas are seldom dangerous to humans, they can be a significant nuisance and hard to control.

“We employ a comprehensive approach to flea control, working closely with our customers to make sure they understand their critical role in the process,” said James Swint, Accounts Manager, Flash Exterminating. “Fleas definitely present a challenge, so we stress that the outcome of treatment is dependent on how diligent customers are during the critical prep phase.”

Pre-adult fleas make up 95-99% of the total flea population. Flea eggs hatch and larvae develop in the nap of carpet, furniture, pet bedding and cracks in the hardwood floor. When the larvae pupate and emerge as adults, the life cycle continues, creating further frustration for pet owners.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Cat-flea-full-of-human-blood.jpgDirect product contact with surfaces where fleas live is critical to eliminating them. However, we stress to customers that they must take the following preparation steps to increase the likelihood of success:

·         Remove all loose items from floors

·         Vacuum all areas of the home

·         Thoroughly mop all tile and wood floors

·         Wash all pet bedding in hot water

·         Bathe pets

·         Cover fish tanks and unplug pumps

·         Keep lawns mowed

·         Clear outside areas of clutter

Once customer prep work is completed, Pest Management Professionals step in and offer proven solutions to help ensure “flea-free” living, such as Zoëcon’s Precor® IGR flea control products containing an insect growth regulator (IGR). This IGR controls pre-adult populations that make up 95-99% of infestations and provides long-term control to prevent fleas from rebounding.  Zenprox™ EC with Etofenprox, an indoor, broad-spectrum contact kill product offering long residual activity can also be used alone or as a tank mix partner with Precor® IGR. Zenprox™ EC is non-repellent and controls over 25 different insects including fleas.

Fleas are tough and thorough treatment is the key to beating them. As educators and experts in insect control, Pest Management Professionals are a homeowner’s best source for solutions.  For more information about flea control and how we can help, please call Flash Exterminating at 888-752-0584  or visit us on the website at www.flashexterminating.com.

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