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Brooklyn residents never know when they might need rat removal, so it would be good to have our pest control company, Flash Exterminating, on standby. We know all about the rats in this area, and we want to inform you about some of the dangers they pose.

Brown rats, also known as Norway rats, wharf rats, and sewer rats, are the most common rats in New York City and the whole United States. They're normally brown or gray in color, and their length can reach up to 25 cm (adding another 20 cm or so for the tail). Roof rats, or house rats, are the second most common rats. They're usually black or dark brown and slightly smaller in size.

The Dangers of Rats

Rats always live in close proximity to humans, so they're always attracted to our homes as well as to warehouses and commercial properties. They can enter your home through holes in the attic or basement, and after that they'll proceed to build their nest, feed, and burrow their way into the rest of your home, especially the kitchen and laundry areas. They've also been known to infest swimming pools and garages.

Rats can cause a fair amount of damage by gnawing at your wood, biting through electrical wiring, and ripping away materials like fiberglass insulation and cardboard for their nests. The greatest danger that they pose, though, is disease. The list of diseases includes:

• Rat-bite fever
• Plague
• Leptospirosis
• Salmonella

These can be transmitted through fleas, contact with rat urine or feces, and even bites. Rats will bite if they're cornered, and they're known to bite humans, especially babies, in their sleep. If they make it into your kitchen cupboards, they may infect your food just by brushing past it.

The Rat Removal Process

If you're hearing scuttling noises in your roof, this may be the first of many signs that you have a rat infestation. (While most rats like to work at night, the brown rat is active at all hours of the day.) At Flash Exterminating, our team will perform a site-specific search, looking for further signs like:

• Footprints up to 2 cm in length
• Urine stains accompanied by an ammonia smell
• Pellet-like droppings

After we patch up any holes that rats may have taken advantage of, we'll present you with your options for removal. You can choose between chemical control using rodenticides or a non-chemical exclusion service, which won't harm your health or the environment. You can also ask about rat baiting.

We can also recommend ways to make your home less attractive to rodents. They can include cutting down any shrubs and vegetation near the home (since rats don't like to cross open areas) and maintaining proper sanitation.

Give Us a Call Today

Flash Exterminating has QualityPro certification, so you can trust us for comprehensive rat removal here in Brooklyn. We'll provide you with an estimate the same day we inspect your home, allowing you to make an informed decision fast. Give us a call today to get started.

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