Flash Standard Protocols for IPM

                                       YOU * FLASH * US

Below is a list of things that should be done to maintain a green, pest free home.  Some of the things you can do, and some require a professional exterminator. If you have any questions about any parts of the process, don't hestitate to contact us.

Green Protocols

Applying Pesticides: FLASH                              

Using various trapping devices: FLASH              

Emptying trash cans and taking the garbage out: US  

Keeping trash containers clean: US      

Cleaning outdoor garbage areas to remove debris: CAN HIRE

Using tight fitting lids for garbage areas: CAN HIRE

Emptying sink strainers and running the garbage disposal frequently: US

Washing dishes immediately after meals: YOU

Appliance cleaning: CAN HIRE

Put away pet food in re-sealable containers and empty water dishes: YOU

Store food in containers and in refrigerators: YOU

Sweeping kitchen floors: US  

Clean all your cabinets to keep the insects away : US

Run the water in sinks and drains that are not as active to prevent insect entry: US

Cleaning children’s backpacks: YOU

Keeping branches and away from property: CAN HIRE

Junk removal from your yards: US

Seal your interior gaps and holes: FLASH

Screen your windows and doors: CAN HIRE

Sealing holes outside: CAN HIRE

Checking your groceries before you bring them in: YOU

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