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New Jersey and New York City are home to multiple species of birds. House sparrows, geese, seagulls, feral pigeons, woodpeckers and starlings can all become nuisances within the home. The noise and mess are just a part of the problem. When some of these birds give birth, they can dive bomb unsuspecting pedestrians to protect their nests. From unsanitary messes to noise pollution, birds can quickly become problematic for your family. 

How Can a Bird Cause Problems?

ravenWhile some birds are relatively harmless, they can cause structural damage to your property. They can peck, scratch and nest in areas of your home that are not designed for it. If the birds nest in your vents or on your rooftop, it can cause your air circulation to become contaminated. Likewise, the bird droppings can create a toxic environment around your home as disease-causing germs spread through the fecal matter. If anyone in your home has allergies, they could have a reaction to the birds. 

Unfortunately, birds are not the only problem. When you have excessive birds near your home, you end up with insect infestations as well. Birds can attract flies, fleas, ticks and mites, so a bird infestation is the least of your worries. Over time, these birds can lessen the financial value of your home, the health of your family and the structural integrity of the property. 

What You Can Do

Once you realize that you have a bird control problem, the next step is to get professional help. Birds carry diseases, worms and insects, so you do not want to handle them yourself. Pest control experts like Flash Extermination can help disperse the entire flock without a problem. 

We start by using grain that is infused with a chemical known as Avitrol. This has to be done by professionals to minimize any negative impact on the birds. Once the Avitrol is distributed on the grain, the birds become frightened and spread their alarm to the entire flock. As a result, the entire flock flies away with most of the birds completely unharmed. Your house ends up without a bird problem, and you do not have to worry about harming the flock. 

If you are worried about the birds around your home, you need to get help before the birds begin to multiply. Pest control specialists can use products like Avitrol to end your bird infestation for good. For a free quote on bird control services, contact Flash Extermination today.

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