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Flash Exterminating provides a quartly Bed Bug Protection plan to keep your assisted living residence, university, multi-dwelling occupancy or home bed bug free. Our quarty inspection plan includes the following:

  • A CSI Kit Inspection including blue light and goggles.Blue light makes material emit fluorescence (evidence glows), absorption (evidence darkens), and oblique lighting (small particle evidence revealed). Instead of using wavelengths of invisible ultraviolet radiation, visible blue wavelengths are used.
  • Upon our initial service, the Installation of Activeguard Mattress Liners. Not only will Activeguard protect you from bed bugs, but they will kill dust mites for up to two years, and offer moisture management as well. Download our ActiveGuard brouchure to learn more:
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  • Installation of Climb Up Interceptors
  • HEPA Vacuuming

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